Episode 3 Bombing on Stage


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A comedian freezing up on stage.

On this episode Chao and Tino discuss some of the times the two bombed on stage doing stand up comedy.


Previously on Cupachino Episode 2 Apartment searching and squatting

I am standing up but I desperately wanna sit down

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As a stand up comedian we put a lot of our soul out there to people, and we  take a lot of chances, a whole lot of chances. What we do is art, but it’s not as hard as some people make it seem. People tell me all the time how hard comedy is. People, not comedians.

They have never picked up a mic but the thought of getting up there, is more awful than someone stabbing you.

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Which someone in Manhattan once said to me about stand up comedy. He then also told me that he had been stabbed multiple times and he would choose the stab over being on stage. Clearly this guy was crazy but he made a strong weird point. The thought of being that vulnerable and on display freaks people the fuck out.But know, We are not BRAIN SURGEONS,Image result for brain surgeons


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or fucking rock lobster fisherman.

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Now that’s some hard shit to do. You might die at work, or better yet kill someone else. Yikes, now that hurts. Yeah it hurts to die I’m more than positive. Now Stand Up Comedians on the other hand, If we die doing our job. That was just a Monday at 7pm. We died on stage, and literally walked out the back door. There is no fun in bombing and then hanging after, better yet there’s no fun in bombing. But what we do is so honest that there will always be moments where the energy just wasn’t right. Even Lebron James had a finals game where he scored only 8 points.


As comedians I have seen or been a part of bombs from something simple like the room was exhausted after watching 75 comedians perform. Yeah we aren’t built to laugh for 2 days ladies and gentleman. But laughing can be the catalyst, along with anger.

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I bombed once because I was too abusive for no reason. I honestly just wanted to argue while on stage and guess what happened next? the owner shut my mic and he cut the games on. Let me rephrase that one, the game was already on but he then cut the volume up to shut me up.

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You can bomb because no one understood you, or you just didn’t move around enough. Some crowds wanna hear more stories, and some wanna see more act outs. Some people don’t understand why you need curse words to make a point, and some people don’t wanna hear too many words that they have to google. As a comedian you never know until your there, and the best adjust, and some just accept it and say hey its me so they don’t fucking get me then, fuck em. Funny because I have seen bombs happen because there were too many distractions in the room ( football games on the tv, EMPIRE on the tv, someone fixing a wall right beside the stage). Distractions help the death, that’s about to happen right in front of you, and its part of being a comedian. This coming Monday Chao and Tino will go into some of their more memorable bombs on stage.


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Episode 2 Apartment searching and squatting

On this episode Tino and Chao discuss searching for a apartment, and those good ol days of not paying rent (aka Squatting)


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Previous Episode Cupachino Episode 1 Dreads and Dating

Is there ever a moment you can say I’m not paying because this date sucked? Hmm!

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So I went on a date and lets say it went about as bad as a date can go which anyone would feel like if during the course of the date a drink was thrown in their face, so by the end of the date I didn’t feel like I should be paying considering I was sure that we would never see each other again. I found myself wondering how many times in my life have I been in this position. In the game of poker which I’m an avid player of, this situation would be the moment in which I had a straight but there was a flush, and a full house on the board and even though I was committed I had to find the fold and lose all in which I had in the middle. In this case I lose the potential of maybe winning her over from paying; But she doesn’t want me right? If she did, why is my face still wet? To my surprise in sharing this story with the women I knew, most of them gave me a pass and said after the drink incident they would have walked out on her and not paid a damn thing; But then when I told them about another date where we both also agreed we would never go on another date most said I should have paid for that one. So my question is in which situations are we are allowed to not pay? what are the only¬†viable¬†circumstances, suggestions desperately needed.


Episode 1 Dreads and Dating

Episode 1 Dreads and Dating

On this episode Chao and Tino talk about bad first date impressions, horrible dates, and how much respect the two has for dreads now.

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Episode 6 The Gamble

Welcome to CUP- ACHINO


Cup-ACHINO is a raw show about two comedians from different cultures discussing growing up and living outside, and inside of New York City. (Chao and Tino.) Tino being born in Panama in the 60s, and growing up in New York City in the early 80s. First hand witnessing a lot of crazy shit, he turned to the comedy stage to cope with his day-to-day life. Chao on the other hand was born in the late 80s in a chaotic Washington DC. Seeing violence, gangs, and drugs everywhere. He Moved to New York to get a way, and found the comedy stage as a place to be real. These two would pair up and go thru dozens of crazy stories from their past. At the same time talking about what the future holds? and what celebrity is fucking which celebrity. Cup ACHINO is a show where two men just sit back and let loose, everybody is fair game and there is no sense of censorship to say the least. Welcome to Cup ACHINO!


Bombing in LIFE

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

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You ever wondered why is the universe suddenly picking on you? Every move you make is the wrong one? Every person you encounter seems to be in the same place as you. And you keep saying it can’t get no worst than this, and guess what? It gets even worst. You go from losing a job, to losing a friend, to losing your house, and you scream to the universe “Why ME?” . Guess what you are not alone. And often people go thru this snow ball effect no matter how successful or broke they are in life. On this episode Chao & Tino discusses the times in life where they felt like they were bombing off of the stage. Handicapped by people rooting for their misfortunes to continue, the two look back and reflect on those rock bottom moments.