How to deal with a nightmare AIRBNB guest.



If you don’t know what Airbnb is yet….

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Please come back to the shore, and put the whiskey bottle down.


So I have been doing Airbnb for about 4 years now. And I must say I love it. Its way more fun than I can imagine. I mean showing people who are lost the way. Now that’s the American dream. And me and a lot of New Yorker’s have opened our arms. Most people you encounter are awesome, and pretty stoked about living right in the neighborhood as opposed to a fancy soulless hotel. I mean I like the ideas of hotels, but when you think about it, it’s just a big ass dorm room that is overpriced, cheesy and out of touch with the community. When you really think about it, outside of the jobs it provides, hotels are pretty much shit. Why am I paying so much again for shit?

But airbnb has changed that platform and gave you variety, now who doesn’t love VARIETY?

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But once in a blue I do have a nightmare guest. But that’s life right? With variety there will always be one that sucks. And my latest one was a girl from Japan. She seemed super nice, seemed to be in good spirits about  finding a place to live in New York. She was staying 13 days and staying alone. Oh my god alone is awesome. One person to accommodate are my faves. I’m not really a group kind of guy.

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So after her first night she approached me and said “the people outside at 10am next door are very loud talkers, I can’t sleep because of them.” And I replied ” what people? point them out so I can give them a piece of my mind.” That was a joke, but  seriously what can I do but apologize for the people and tell her “hey this is Brooklyn, and people talk, so I’m sorry about that. Would you mind if I purchased some ear buds?” She responded no so I thought we were ok.

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Saturday came around and it was about 9 to 10pm. I happened to go to my fridge around two or three times to grab bottled waters because some friends were over and we were hanging in my bedroom. I than looked at my phone and saw that logo that usually means a money opportunity.Image result for airbnb phone logo



But instead it was a message from my guest

“Hi, would you please keep the noise down? I’m a light sleeper, every voice wake me up. I tried to sleep for over an hour that didn’t work, every time the fridge door open I wake up and have to go back to sleep again, help me, I know its weekend but I have to wake up early, don’t use fridge while I’m sleeping.” Wait she said Don’t use fridge while she is sleeping? I damn near cried because it wasn’t that late but I did use my fridge. So I apologized and thought that was strange, but also I realize some people are sensitive to strange shit. No Biggie…

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