Are you bar Entitled?


It’s fair to say that some people when coming to a bar act as if they own the bar.

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I have over the years met my fair share of bar gods, I mean people who walk in and everything must stop, and they must be entertained immediately. I mean in the mist of pure chaos this man/ woman walks in and throws their hands up in disbelief and I look over and think ” Really? you don’t see there is 250 people in here right now and if they are standing in front of bar then they are probably ahead of you?”

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And guess what the answer is?

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No one cares. Now there are rare moments when someone walks into a bar and they see I am busy as hell, and they wait till I look for them. This is my job so even when busy as hell I will eventually look up and catch your eyes and say “what can I get you?” and this guy/girl understands the position I am in and understands how much time I have for them. They are aware enough to know this is a bad time for a Manhattan, or a bad time for a simple old fashion. this is a simple bad time for any cocktail. This person then maybe laughs and says ” wow I see your busy, let me just get two coronas.” I than smile and grab them two coronas, and then if I have a comp tab I put them on it, shit I might even go in my tip bucket.  Give them some money because they have just made my night. I now will remember these guys forever. They will never spend a lot of money with me again. And if they tip accordingly that first time that pretty much guarantees it.


I have spent $35 dollars in a week drinking at some of the top bars in NYC because  I gave this gesture one time when a bartender was in the weeds. Now that $35 I spent is tips. I should have spent $120.

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But some people come in and they yell because you haven’t served them yet. They get upset because they have been waiting 3 minutes to order. Oh my god your life is gonna end? Really, not ordering a Cosmo might kill you at 8:30 on a Wednesday? ” Give me one second sir I will get to you!” “Can this guy take my order right here than?” No sir he doesn’t work here. Than you have people who want a service but don’t want to pay for anything more?

“I want to spend $80 exactly. How much is my bill?” $79.17. “Perfect”. But than 5 minutes later, ” yooo you didn’t give me any free shots on my bill?” Sir the entitlement and the ignorance is scary. You don’t come to a bar and guarantee yourself a free round. Same way I am not always guaranteed a tip.


I don’t get tips if we had some type of weird interaction. It’s the industry of sometimes that happening, there are times where you and a person just don’t click and you tried, and they tried but the tip receipt reflects it. Ok they didn’t tip but I also gave them something gross and got all Hollywood about it. You know, ” Mam I know how a proper margarita should taste, and that’s it.” “Well at my other bar they use roses lime juice and triple sec and this is nasty!” “Go to your other bar than!”


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