S*** you won’t Say!


We all have seen phones grow from random toddlers on street corners, that people put quarters in to make a call. To grown adults who can walk around freely and make any decisions it wants. At the same time capable of making four decisions at once. Yay I’m an adult now. Im a cellphone. But that time we had before cellphones? Wow it was epic. I miss the days of responding when I got to a phone not these new days of my phone when responding with my whereabouts. Who didnt think having a pager Was cool. Remember dialing 1800 collect? Wait do you remember 1800 collect?

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Or do you remember their competition? 1800 callatt

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At one point and time the guys winning, were the ones you didn’t pay directly. You pretty much force someone to have a conversation with you that you didn’t feel like paying. We were all  pieces of shit. “Hey I’m in jail but really I’m just down the block at a payphone, talk to me!” oh yeah “pay for it also?”

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and guess what? We all were suckers. But now we are a new type of sucker. The cellphone sucker!

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Boy do we love some cellphone. I must admit I am so addicted to the functions on this phone I can’t grasp not having access when I was 10. (I’m 30 by the way). Some kids after the Y2K were lucky enough to be 16 and have access to a Facebook account directly from their cell phone. Oh my god, you can swipe right on your dating app, post on your timeline, and watch the NFL package directly from your cellphone! You mean I don’t need a computer, a tv or a damn internet that’s connected by a wire to the wall? Sign me the fuck up. But is this shit good for you?

We are fucking addicted, we sit in front of these damn devices everyday blindly missing our lives. Blind and never living in the moment anymore. People try to swim with the damn things now?

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When did you ever try to take your tv under water? never because tv is something that you do on dry land! And sorry your phone is the same thing. No one cares that you can swim and FaceTime. It’s funny because I tell people I cut my phone off for a few days and they lose their minds. They can’t understand why I put my phone down and didn’t look at it for any amount of time. Why would you not look at your phone? Your phone is Beyoncé, you don’t wanna look at Beyoncé? On this episode Chao discusses his phone annoyances, and how he deals with being black in Brooklyn.


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