Episode 6 The Gamble

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“Do I have a problem or do I just love money?”

Some of us gamble for fun, and some of us gamble to make ends meet. Gambling is a way of life and to a gambler what sounds better than having money? Making more.

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Comedy Podcast Cupachino

I have gambled and seen a grown man crying in the urinal because he went all in, and put his house up and I guess the casino said ” thanks, come back for a free room”. So at least he has that to look forward to. Its sad but its life. I once went to Atlantic City with a friend and witnessed her lose $60k in 3 days

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she brushed it off. But my mind was spinning, I was in pure shock. ” how the fuck did you lose that much money?” Oh I remember betting $1500 a hand blind and not understanding anything. The guy watching the table was smiling because he saw the chips working for the casino.  The dealer saw the chips working for the casino, I didn’t understand shit and guess what? I saw the chips working for the casino. “hey come back again, there’s a hotel for free waiting for you, even though you paid us today for about a year.” There is an edge in gambling and some people are good at that, but some of us suck at it like Michael Jordan sucked in 5th grade at basketball. People say Michael Jordan gambles too much. Why might that be? Is it because he can’t dunk no more so he prefers the chip throw? gambling can be super competitive. Thats what makes the edge possible. We now can beat a mere mortal as opposed to beating a machine ( Casino). Remember you can’t beat a casino, ask Phil Ivey and then see how far that takes you. Its gambling when you have a edge yes every woman I have dated! You guys are all right! but its not as bad as everyday just randomly spending on numbers.  So should we gamble? On this episode of Cupachino Chao and Tino talk about gambling in life.


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