Next big STAR or working extra hard?

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So many people wanna be in show business and leave their small town in hopes that New York City Or LA is the place to be. And guess what? They realize when you they get here that there are a million people that’s competing for the same type! How do you separate from the pact? It’s a hustle to get a job and its even more of a hustle to get an audition let alone get a call back. Often we as aspiring actors go to the drawing board and decide hey we need a check, so we choose to be background in movies. Why not? You get to act still. Well the character might be in the back of a shot just walking, or maybe just sitting, or even having a pretend conversation. This style of acting goes overlooked but is also tiring with long hours for little pay. On this upcoming episode of Cupachino we will discuss the times when we made this sacrifice.

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