Is there ever a moment you can say I’m not paying because this date sucked? Hmm!

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So I went on a date and lets say it went about as bad as a date can go which anyone would feel like if during the course of the date a drink was thrown in their face, so by the end of the date I didn’t feel like I should be paying considering I was sure that we would never see each other again. I found myself wondering how many times in my life have I been in this position. In the game of poker which I’m an avid player of, this situation would be the moment in which I had a straight but there was a flush, and a full house on the board and even though I was committed I had to find the fold and lose all in which I had in the middle. In this case I lose the potential of maybe winning her over from paying; But she doesn’t want me right? If she did, why is my face still wet? To my surprise in sharing this story with the women I knew, most of them gave me a pass and said after the drink incident they would have walked out on her and not paid a damn thing; But then when I told them about another date where we both also agreed we would never go on another date most said I should have paid for that one. So my question is in which situations are we are allowed to not pay? what are the only viable circumstances, suggestions desperately needed.


Episode 1 Dreads and Dating

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