Welcome to CUP- ACHINO


Cup-ACHINO is a raw show about two comedians from different cultures discussing growing up and living outside, and inside of New York City. (Chao and Tino.) Tino being born in Panama in the 60s, and growing up in New York City in the early 80s. First hand witnessing a lot of crazy shit, he turned to the comedy stage to cope with his day-to-day life. Chao on the other hand was born in the late 80s in a chaotic Washington DC. Seeing violence, gangs, and drugs everywhere. He Moved to New York to get a way, and found the comedy stage as a place to be real. These two would pair up and go thru dozens of crazy stories from their past. At the same time talking about what the future holds? and what celebrity is fucking which celebrity. Cup ACHINO is a show where two men just sit back and let loose, everybody is fair game and there is no sense of censorship to say the least. Welcome to Cup ACHINO!


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